Elijah Solomon Hurwitz is an independent photographer based in the quiet canyon of Mount Washington, Los Angeles. Since finding a love for making pictures later in life, he has been drawn towards visually investigating underreported stories that might sharpen understanding of social and political realities as he wrestles with things himself. He attended Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI.

My work has appeared in:

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, National Geographic, Wired, The Atlantic, TIME, Smithsonian Magazine, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, High Country News, The Intercept, Politico Magazine, Huck Magazine, VICE, Pacific Standard, and Internazionale.

[e]: elijahsea AT gmail.com
[m]: +1.443.812.0182

Selected features:

Washington Post: The Druze of Israel Look Towards the Coming Election for Change

National Geographic: Life Along the Lesser Seen China-North Korea Border

National Geographic: Serving on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Los Angeles Times: Monks of Big Sur

High Country News: Marlon's Hustle to Survive

WIRED: A Glimpse of Life Along China's Border with North Korea

VICE: Chinese Swimming Club on North Korean Border

Buzzfeed News: 7 Photo Stories To Help You See the World Differently

The Atlantic: The Drone Life

Politico Magazine: Bernie's Vermont

Pacific Standard: The Porter Ranch Gas Blowout

Mother Jones: Hoops Hysteria

The Intercept: In New York Gang Sweeps, Prosecutors Use Conspiracy Laws

Mother Jones: Drone Pilots

Huck Magazine: State of Jefferson Rural Secessionists in California and Oregon

PetaPixel Interview

Feature Shoot: Clues Into Life of Deceased Homeless Millionaire in Wyoming

Bloomberg CityLabs: Feral Friends

TIME: Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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